Top 4 Ways To Ensure Your Hotel Room is Clean

Relaxing and unwinding in a hotel can often feel like a dream come true for many people. Unfortunately, not all hotel rooms are cleaned the way you'd like. This is a fact that has been proven time and time again. Many people assume it's related to the price they pay for the room, but price really doesn't have anything to do with the cleanliness of the hotel room. We've watched TV shows where hidden cameras have been placed in well-known hotel chains around the world. There have been interview with staff too and these programs have shown just how unsanitary some hotels really are. If you are planning a hotel stay, our 5 tips for ensuring you stay in clean hotels rooms will help you to relax and enjoy yourself.

Hidden cameras have shown housekeeping staff rinsing drinking glasses with just water, or in more serious cases washing them with industrial cleaner that is clearly labelled "Do Not Drink". This is all done in preparation for new guests arriving and not only is it unsanitary, but it can be dangerous too. An unsanitary hotel room can affect your health, but thankfully there are things that you can do.

4 Things To Do Before Booking Your Hotel Rooms

Below you will find our top 4 tips on how to ensure you book clean hotel rooms.

  1. Do your homework: Before you book your hotel room do some research. Check out the hotel website and the images for the rooms first.
  2. Read Reviews: There are lots of review websites where people who have stayed at hotels around the world will rate and describe their experience. These are from real people and the more recent the better.
  3. Find out about bedding: A lot of hotels don't wash the bedding after each guest. Comforters and bedspreads are the worst offenders. Check to see if the hotel uses duvet covers. This is a must have as these covers are usually removed and washed after guests have vacated the room along with the sheets.
  4. Visit the hotel: This may not always be possible but if you can call in and check out the room before your stay this is a great way to see where you will be staying.

Ensure Your Hotel Room is Clean During Your Stay

There are several things you can do during your hotel stay to ensure you don't catch any unwanted germs or bacteria. It is a known fact that hotel staff have approximately 30 minutes to clean each room. This isn't long enough so we recommend bringing your own sheets and antibacterial sanitizer if you can. Use sanitizer wipes to clean all the surfaces including toilet seats, TV remotes, sinks, etc. Wash all the glassware in hot water before you use them. Check the bed for bed bugs before you place your clean sheets on them. Don't walk around the room barefoot. Wash your hands as often as you can. Clean hands will help prevent you from catching germs.